Traffic Lights – Rental and Sales

TRM’s portable traffic light systems can be rented and set up on your job site (local GTA) for temporary traffic control during construction.
For projects outside of the GTA area, we will provide a complete system for long term rental, or purchase.

Comprised of a control box with one light post (Red/Yellow/Green), and a second remote light post (Red/Yellow/Green). Larger sites can add additional light posts for a wider range of use.

Ideal for parking ramp restoration projects.

  • Timers are fully programmable, and can be modified to suit your site requirements and vehicular traffic patterns Systems are fully automatic, and control 2 way traffic.
  • Posts can be installed hundreds of feet apart if necessary
  • Eliminates the need for flag/traffic control staff
  • Systems work indoors or outdoors

Can run 24/7 even when your site personnel are not on the job


Portable traffic lights used on ramp construction projects


Full automated and programmable timer