Thermostat Controls

TRM can supply, design, and manufacture a complete portfolio of control solutions – for all heat trace needs –

  • heat loss replacement, and floor heating
  • frost heave prevention
  • freeze protection on pipes
  • temperature only snow melting requirements
  • high limit controls and ambient sensing thermostats
  • sensors for industrial heat tracing
  • all the way up to full electronic heat trace systems, multi sensors, communications, ground fault and current sensing, remote monitoring
  • please contact us with your project and application specific details


Cost effective mechanical / capiliary thermostat


Digital thermostat, with GFI protection built in. Fixed temperature setting and adjustable versions available


Full featured electronic temperature controllers. For accurate temperature measurement and monitoring of your pipe trace circuits


  TRM Mechanical thermostat data sheet

Additionally, please visit for full product specifications and data sheets of the SST-2, SST-3 model Digital thermostats