Self Regulating SR Cables

SR Self regulating heating cables are used in many applications, residential, commercial, and industrial.
SR cables have a conductive core that reacts to the surrounding temperature.
Colder temperatures draw more current and more wattage.
At warmer temperatures, the cable current and wattage tapers back, thus saving energy.
Thermostats can be used for precise temperature control, but are not necessary.

Primary applications:
Pipe freeze protection
Medium temperature pipe process temperature maintenance
Roof and gutter deicing

TRM’s SR cable is available in cut to length form…several wattages per foot, and voltages are available.

A full range of termination kits, seals, installation accessories are available from TRM.

We also manufacture a line of Pre-assembled SR kits, complete with a 120V cold lead and plug, or a 240V cold lead that can be hard wired


Cross section of SR cable – heating conductors, ground braid and overjacket


Various constructions available. Watts per foot, voltage, we have a wide range of SR cable, including preterminated and plug in kits.


Cut to length SR typically supplied in 500 foot spools…cuts and custom lengths available