Profile of Projects

Feature Project –

Site address – 5150/5160 Yonge Street, Toronto (North York) – October 2015

  • ramp snow melting
  • over 8000 square feet of heated area, plus 3 trench drains / catch basins
  • TRM MI copper/hdpe cables installed in asphalt paving
  • TRM installed a complete new power wiring/distribution system
  • A new auto control system, with both aerial and pavement mounted snow sensors was designed and installed.
  • Once the area was prepared for the new heating cables, TRM’s installation crew took less than 2 days to complete the cable install, and the asphalt cover coats were placed by the middle of the 2nd day, and the project was complete sooner than expected.


Before our new install, the old system was a worn out concrete surface


TRM’s crew working hard installing the new cables on the fresh asphalt base


Asphalt paving over the TRM heating cables, completed the same day as the cable installation – TRM crew on site during the paving.