Interior Floor Warming

Interior floor warming is used in nearly all types of buildings.

Widely used in residential homes, to heat up interior floors, it provides a ‘comfort’ level of heat and is warm to the touch.

Used for bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, offices, and areas such as retail stores subject to opening and closing doors, where workers are stationed.

MI cables are used when the system is a poured concrete method, such as basements and office floors.

Floor warming mats and cable systems are used under all types of flooring materials, including tiles, stone, laminate and engineered wood.

You can choose from a wide variety of options and models, please contact TRM Heating Cables with your design details and we can supply a suitable, cost effective solutions for your interior floor heating needs.


Simple to use electronic thermostats for accurate temperature control


Rollout mesh floor heating mats


Standard and custom made mats


  MI Copper Hdpe jacketed cable

  Floor warming Mats

  Floor warming cables

  Floor warming thermostat controls