Industrial Heat Tracing

Industrial heat tracing is an application, using electric heating cables, for various reasons:

  • Maintaining process temperatures on pipes
  • Elevating temperatures (rise) on pipes, tanks, vessels
  • Freeze protection of water lines, eye wash stations

Facilities using these products include:

  • Petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Food processing
  • Factories of any kind

A fully engineered heat trace system, can include:

  • MI heating cables for higher temps, corrosive atmospheres
  • SR cable for medium and low temperatures
  • Basic controls such as thermostats
  • Digital controllers and sensors for accurate heat trace management, and integration into a facility’s automation systems.

TRM can provide a full industrial heat trace design and system to suit any application specific needs.


TRM stainless steel MI cables installed on drain lines in a hazardous area


MI cables installed to heat pipes and a flange in a petrochemical facility


Alloy 825 MI heating cables installed for oil lines – solar power plant