HDPE Jacketed Copper MI Cables

TRM’s Mineral Insulated Copper jacketed heating cables are constructed of a seamless copper sheath, with solid copper/alloy heating conductor(s), encased with MgO magnesium oxide.

Copper MI cables are suitable for a wide range of commercial heating applications.

Snow melting of driveways, ramps, walkways, stair ways.
Roof and gutter deicing.
Floor heating of concrete basements, office areas.

For any embedded installations, the copper MI cable is covered with an HDPE high density polyethylene jacketing, for mechanical protection, and added resistance to corrosives, salts etc., that are present.

MI copper heating cables are factory made to suit your application, at TRM’s facility in Markham, ON, Canada.


Solid copper conductor, Mgo Insulation, copper sheath, Hdpe Jacket


MI copper cable installed on a mastic asphalt heated ramp


Factory assembled heaters, with cold lead and ½” NPT glands for connection to your power supply