GFI Ground Fault Protection Relays

GFI, ground fault protection, is a code required monitoring/protection system, that applies to all heat tracing circuits, and all heat tracing cable constructions and applications.

Please consult your local codes to determine the exact requirements in your application – trip level, method of providing GFI etc., to ensure code compliance.

TRM’s on site panel shop, constructs a very cost effective, single point GFI unit, that can be applied to most heat tracing applications-

  • snow melting
  • pipe tracing
  • heat loss replacement
  • industrial process temperatures

Voltages up to 600Volts, amperages up to 1000 amps

Our GFI unit is comprised of a GFI relay unit, CT current transformer, and provides local fault indication and local reset capabilities


Single point GFI monitoring system


GFI panel with fault indicator – reset function and test operation